Reconstitution of Corporate Ethics

Resuming with  ‘corporateeleventh’ here are my proposals for reconstitution of corporate ethics:

1. Inter zonal credit code should displace the forex. Uniform credit rating should be applied  and all business should conform to the global economic index by the unique standard ,agreed upon.

2. Global economic index should rank the corporates on account of  higher numbers of public shares and jobs.

3. Corporate tax must be abolished and mandatory percentage share holding by the local admin must be  established at the promotion level itself through MOU.

4. Inter zonal credit fund should be constituted to manage global corporate insurance fund , the rate of  premium towards which be lower as higher the index reflects the  corporates.

5. Intrazonal civic admins should manage mandatory social security fund to benefit all its electors under accounts maintained to totally credit and debit each personal account covering the whole of one’s financial activity within unique accounts.

6. Update follows…………


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